VIP lounges

In any of the airports in Moscow and other cities of Russia and other countries, depending on your preferences, we provide multiple types of services: a VIP-halls, private terminals or dedicated stand in the main hall.


Own island

Tired of seeing the face tanned tourists away next 100-300 meters? In this case you should rent your own dream island somewhere far away in the ocean. Choice is great, from the Spanish pieces of land with its own castle for 16 people to one of the islands of Fiji.


Super car rental

Sometimes a humble Toyota Prius with unlimited mileage just is not enough. Fortunately, in this case, you can refer to more than one company, which will find the car of your dreams. For example, Dream Car Hire will deliver the brand new Ferrari 430 F1 Spider or a Bentley GT Convertible.


Aircraft Rental

Do you value your time? Then this service is for you! To give you an opportunity to focus entirely on holiday or on business, we are ready to offer you a personalized air travel. We will save you from the tedious waiting at airports, long boarding and inconvenient schedules. Unlike airliners, our board will take you anywhere in the world, at any time of the day with the maximum comfort and total safety. Board served and waiting for you.



Sometimes you just have neither time nor effort to ensure that a solution acceptable to spend money for the journey. What's left to do - so this is to hire a qualified "butler" who will accompany during the entire trip, to assemble and disassemble bags, book tickets for events and a cold bottle of "Veuve Clicquot" in the room ... in short, do not forget about any of the stuff. Each of which in the end will result in a decent amount you will have to add on to the account for the payment, in fact, it works.