Corporate customers

The company "ELISEY" - a leading travel company operating in the field of corporate service for Russian and foreign companies on the reservation and ticketing, hotel reservations and car rentals, visas and invitations, individual tours, exhibitions and seminars abroad.

By corporate service we understand service organizations in accordance with their corporate policy and culture.

Our advantages are:

  • Identification of priority airlines flights which will automatically be considered first when processing customer orders .. Ability to pay for a ticket to Moscow and get it anywhere in the world.
    Saving the client"s budget - in calculating business travel, we offer special rates on airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals all over the world. Also, for the convenience of customers, which is free shipping documents.
  • The optimal travel route with the least time and money;
  • Identification of priority of accommodation, based on their budget for accommodation, the requirements for the class of service, the hotel"s location and additional services, the company adopted the Client for each employee. At some level rooms / nights we offer a client to sign a tripartite agreement with the hotel to provide confidential tariffs for accommodation.
  • Establishing optimal annulyatsionnoy policy that we recommend to stick. After analyzing the number and amount of fines paid by the Customer for the period, our specialists will tell you how to purchase tickets at the most competitive rates while maintaining optimal possibility of a return ticket is canceled or a hotel room.
  • Development and analytics travelers" policy (travel policy) Client, based on the structure of the company"s personnel, the definition of the class of service and travel budget for each employee Client. Approved data are automatically taken into account in the selection of tickets and other travel services in the organization for each employee Client. Traveler"s policies can observe how the client"s employees at independent reserve airtickets, railwaytickets, hotels using the system В«OnlineВ» and our experts , in the processing of customer orders.
  • Delivery of documents to the office.
  • Operational reservations by phone, fax and e-mail.
We will be very glad to see you among our clients!